The Nader Art Museum Latin America (NAMLA) designed by FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise Model and rendering of the Nader Art Museum Latin America (NAMLA) on view at Gary Nader Art Centre, Wynwood Arts District, Miami The Nader Art Museum Latin America (NAMLA) has been inspired by the different sections of the urban composite of Miami, whose outline give shape to each of the four levels. The floors develop into generous terraces, which ease the borderline between indoors and outdoors, and transform the spaces into real “sculptural gardens” showcasing monumental sculptors by well-known master Fernando Botero, among others. The different levels define the program of the museum. The first floor is reserved to emergent Latin American artists, the second one will house temporary exhibitions, and the third floor will show a selection of works of the permanent Gary Nader’s collection. A restaurant will be located on the upper floor.






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